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Are You Finally Ready To Dig Deep and Move Forward in Trauma Recovery (And in Your Personal Growth)?
Our 35+ Trauma Recovery Experts Will Teach You How To...
Overcome Your Pain By Cultivating Peace, Clarity, and Resilience
Being shown the path to healing is not enough. It takes knowing yourself in a whole new way, a way that you can trust in order to heal and rise from the ashes stronger and healthier than ever before... and we'll show you how.
Deeply Heal Body, Mind And Spirit And Become A Beacon For Others in Need
You must heal mind, body, and spirit to experience true transformation. The sooner that you can let these aspects of your being support each other, the more quickly you will bring healing and wholeness to your life... and naturally evolve as a teacher (even simply by example) of others.
Discover Mindsets and Tools To Truly Take Joy In Your Life Without Regret
You no longer need to stay in a state of perpetual suffering when you have the tools at your disposal to free yourself from trauma, anxiety and overwhelm. Discover how to take joy in the small pleasures and see how this will sustain the path you'll chart toward recovery and beyond.
Remove What Shrouds Your Inner Truth to Recover Your Deepest Needs & Wants
You can stop living inauthentically and start truly living YOUR life. Build the awareness and inner connection that will help you become all you could be. We'll explore how to discover your values and desires, align your core beliefs and your inner voice, and translate these into meaningful healing and change.
Build More Deeply Satisfying And Authentic Relationships Than Ever
You no longer need to feel alone! If you ever struggle with a sense of disconnection that leaves you feeling empty or unlovable, it's time to shed the false messages (external and internal) that reinforce isolation. Living a life rich in relationship is in your grasp. And you ARE worthy of friendship and love (and more).
Go Beyond Healing To Thriving, Well Being, And Authentic Success
You deserve this! Your OWN destiny is within your reach. Just show up: build a relationship with your inner truth, voice, and power. You're the only one that can offer the world the gifts that you can bring to others... and, more importantly, the gifts that you deserve to bring forth for your own sake.
And if that wasn’t enough, the knowledge and tools that could be yours just moments from now will give you the exact processes and strategies to...
Finally take small and powerful steps forward with actionable advice from experts on inner healing and personal growth
Confidently apply accessible wisdom and simple tricks and techniques for self care, sleep, diet, exercise and more
Learn practices to quickly reach peace and challenge unconstructive thoughts to create a more empowering narrative
Gain know-how (and a sense of safety) to release regrets about the past to build a better relationship with your NOW (and future)
Stop feeling stuck with clear proven guidelines and steps to address your biggest sources of pain so you can finally move forward
And so much more!
Hear From The World's Leading Experts On Trauma, Healing, Self Discovery, Personal Development, and More...
Daily Practices
We created the Trauma Recovery Summit to make a tangible, long-term impact on your well-being. While all our sessions are geared toward doing real good in your life, we and some of our speakers created "Daily Practice" sessions to teach you skills like meditation, breathwork, and more.
Day 1 Practice with Sarah Brassard

Awareness Meditation And Yoga Nidra To Support Rest And Healing 

Develop a powerful practice of deep relaxation to restore and inform you. Yoga Nidra is a restorative practice that will profoundly affect your life and your ability to remember what it feels like to feel happy, healthy, and whole.
Day 2 Practice with Karuna Ashley

Kriya Yoga And Breathing For Lung And Circulation Renewal

Breath is one of the most powerful healing tools we have as humans. This practice will help you use the technology of pranayam to heal your heart, lungs, and body circulation. Cultivate a daily practice that will guide you to holistic healing and insights.
Day 3 Practice with Brian D. Smith

A Meditation And Visualization To Build Resilience Through Self Care

Take a journey in your mind to a place beyond time and space with Brian D. Smith. Brian's guided practice will help you relate to your truth and build a connection to the part of you that is all-knowing and instilled with peace.
Day 4 Practice with Dr. Sukhi Muker

A Meditation On The Power Of Intention To Calibrate Yourself To Thrive

An intention meditation to recalibrate your mind and nervous system. Align your thoughts, feelings, and emotions to a more conscious, connected, and powerful self. This practice is meant to support you to live a more radiant, loving, and vitalized life.
Daily Sessions
We brought together world-class experts on trauma, personal coaching, psychology, spirituality, and various modalities for healing and growth. Here are the sessions you'll experience during this event.
Michele Rosenthal

Processing The Past: Step Into The Present (And Finally Move Forward)

To heal and thrive, we must learn to live life in the now. Returning home to ourselves after trauma has struck becomes one of the greatest missions of empowerment in our lives. Open the door and step over the threshold to the life of your dreams—right now.
Dr. Deborah L. Sandella PhD

Unshoulder The Weight Of Collective Trauma: Healing Intergenerational Wounds

Collective or inherited trauma is often invisible yet can affect whole families or societies in ways as real as personal trauma. We’ll uncover the signs and effects of this trauma and how to stop the chain of suffering here, now, within ourselves.
Dr. Sukhi Muker

Paradigm Shift: From Overcoming Trauma To Integrating Trauma To Fuel Growth

Sometimes life can feel so hopeless that all we do is identify with suffering and struggles. Your body was built to face challenges and to use them to fuel a new way of life? Join us as we look at tools to help you expand your awareness and reach your highest potential.
Mark Brouwer

Recovery For The Rest Of Us: Overcoming The “Little Stuff” That Adds Up

Uncover the trauma that people often don’t recognize. Childhood neglect and abuse, abandonment, chronic stress, betrayal, burnout, and more.  Trauma takes on many forms and, when Identified, is a foundational trajectory for lifelong healing and exploration. 
Shay Bocks

What The Enneagram Says About Your Trauma (And Path To Healing)

The Enneagram is a tool of inner discovery that helps us identify core ingredients that make up our sense of self. We’ll see how these connect to our traumatic experiences and explore how this knowledge can help us make evolutionary shifts to connect to our deepest selves. 
Bimal Shah

Charting Your Own Course: Trust Yourself Again And Stop Giving Away Your Power

Society, family, and friends—full of well-meaning but misguided messages about what your truth is—undermine your self-knowledge. Learn how to unearth your full potential by cultivating the insight of the best advisor you can have on your life path... YOU.
Dr. Carol Lourie

Getting Better Even When It Feels Hard Just To Get Out Of Bed In The Morning

To lose motivation is to lose hope. And reviving inspiration to take much-needed steps toward health, happiness, and wholeness can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Recover (or discover for the first time) your zest for life and trust that path for the rest of your life.
Karen Robinson

Get UNSTUCK And Out Of Your Rut Of Constant Cycles Of Starting & Stopping

Stuckness and wheel-spinning become the norm for many who've suffered trauma, neglect, and other hurts. With commitment, simple digestive prompts and tools can change that. Uncover a mindset shift and a process of tiny steps to break unproductive cycles once and for all.
Suzie Senk

Simple Sleep Tricks To Quiet Your Mind And Overcome Insomnia

Most everyone has spent nights lying in bed praying for sleep. But for many, it's a nightly struggle. Learn how stress, illness, and profound sadness contribute to this disorder and reclaim your waking life by making sleep one of your most powerful healing tools. 
Thomas Gagliano

Repairing Dysfunctional Relationships When They're All You've Ever Known

Humans learn first by what we see. If all we've seen or known is dysfunction, we have no model of healthy relating, only deeply embedded patterns of unhealthy relating. We'll learn how to repair our relationships and build the foundations for thriving ones.
Lori Leyden

Peeling Back The Layers Of Trauma With Care: Progress Without Crisis

Unresolved trauma manifests as old wounds that we protect rather than heal through, and these scars plague our lives forever. Discover what you can do to end the habits that keep you stuck in crisis. Resolve the emotions that limit your opportunity to heal.
Brian D Smith

Moving Forward After Loss: Finally Process The Pain And Reclaim Joy In Living

It's hard to face and process the fullness of deep loss and find a way forward when your life is shrouded in grief. Discover a path of healing that aligns with your profound grief and honors your unique path of mourning and loss. 
Holly Bertone

Using Gratitude To Guide You Safely Through The Storms Of Life

It’s hard to connect with gratitude amid struggles. Yet science and experience show it supports mental and physical health. We’ll go beyond brute-forcing lists of things to be grateful for, exploring effective ways to evolve from “grumpy worrier” to “grateful warrior.” 
Elena Brower

Gaining A Sense Of Knowing So You Can Step Into The Mystery Of Being & Becoming

The only way to heal through trauma is to find the strength to turn toward it rather than turn away.  Learn to look bravely into the unknown and harness the power of uncertainty to bring forth rich possibilities in your life. 
Chris Yonker

Get Out Of Your Own Way! The Cure For Self-sabotage

Trauma can instill a self-defeating voice in you that will set you on a course of self-sabotage that is so often difficult to bring to light.  We'll explore how to identify this voice, remove the traps it places in our way, and disarm it for good.
Dr. Kelly Miller

Your Brain On Trauma: How Hardship Hurts The Brain And How To Heal It

Physical trauma and emotional trauma have a range of traumatic experiences that produce physical changes in the brain. We'll uncover the physical process underlying these changes and some techniques to heal the impacts of trauma on the brain.
Heidi Nordlund

Trapped: Release Negative Circumstances That Are Keeping You Boxed In

Sufferers of neglect, abuse, and other traumas often find themselves surrounded with traps: self-made for protection, made by others to control or hurt them. Learn how to uncover, disarm, and move past these traps to move forward with freedom and confidence.
Janelle Salzman

Rooting Out Trauma In The Body With Ayurveda And Vedic Psychology

Ayurveda, the slice of life or wisdom of longevity, is the oldest holistic medicine and mostly widely practiced medicine in the world.  Ayurveda and Vedic psychology guides one toward their true nature in order to work through trauma and find health and balance.
Jackie Simmons

Have The Conversation: Identifying And Helping Depressed Teens Before They Spiral

There is a silent epidemic of teen depression. Many parents naturally miss the signs until something drastic happens. We'll discuss when and how to have the conversations that can save lives and help young people through the challenges of teenage life in the modern world.
Shira Raymond

Release Regret And Tap Into Limitless Motivation For Your Now And Your Future

Regrets and unresolved trauma bring on guilt and shame and when we are stuck there we tend to avoid or dwell on past regrets. Harness the confidence that comes from loving who you are (and accepting all that brought you here) to take control of your present and future.
Stacey Lyons

Turn Your Sensitivities Into Superpowers (Instead Of Just Surviving Them)

Highly sensitive people are often misunderstood. Discover how to transform your sensitivities from a perceived burden into a mighty and empowering force. Learn how your sensitivities CAN become your superpower, not a burden. 
Veronica Valli

Address Addiction At The Source: The Conflict Between Authenticity & Acceptance

Most addictive tendencies start in childhood when we first confront the conflict between being accepted and being our authentic selves. We’ll explore how this conflict unfolds and chart a path to help you return to yourself to aid healing and recovery.
Alisha Phipps

Live The Life You're Meant To Live, Not The One You Are "Supposed" To Live

To maintain resilience for facing life’s challenges, you must be healthy and strong. This guided meditation will guide you to value self-care and to take your practice of self-care seriously. You will become more intentional about your spiritual practice. 
Dr. Louise Swartswalter

Clearing Past Trauma: Awakening The Brain-Soul Connection

 Current and past stress, anxiety, and ancestral trauma cause pain—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. These aspects of our being are isolated. This session will illuminate the body-mind-soul connection and how we might heal them as a single interrelated system.
Dr. Paul Ling Tai

Trauma In The Body: Practical Steps Toward Recovery With Plant-Based Protocols

Healing trauma can in many cases mean years & decades of exhaustion, fatigue, anxiety, depression, insomnia, brain fog… The list goes on. We’ll explore some plant-based approaches to healing the physical effects of trauma on the brain to help you finally lift the fog. 
Ellie Burke

Cut Through The Noise Of Self-Help Gurus: Start Your Own Journey To Healing

A skilled self-healing teacher will invite their students inward, taking the focus from themselves and inviting the student to explore sensations, feelings, and curiosities. This allows them to assimilate self-learning and bring light to a whole new way of living.
Ulrika Sullivan

Stop Playing Small, Get Big Results: How To Commit Wholeheartedly To Transformation

We are wired for caution when recovering from wounds or perceiving threats in our environment. When this state becomes our norm, we build the habit of playing small. Learn to identify inner limitations and get comfortable going big again (or for the first time).
JB Glossinger

Get People To Stand By You Through Thick And Thin (Even If It Feels Like They Always Leave)

Abandonment and the fear of loss can permeate our lives and leave last effects. And when unresolved afraid to invest in relationships with openness and vulnerability. Identify your blockers to connection and find the building blocks for fulfilling relationships that last.
Dr. Rachel Allyn

Rediscover Delight: Find Pleasure Again In The Things You Used To Love

Past hurts can feel impossible to shake off. We see gray, hear in monotone, and taste bitterness in what once was sweet. Together, we'll find a foothold back up to the heights of joy and enjoyment available in life once we are able to seek and see it again. 
Amber Lilyestrom

Futurecasting: Create The Life You've Always Wanted To Live

Many of us aren't living the life we want and have the unsettling sense this isn't it. Learn to uncover your authentic desires for a life fully lived and how to create that reality (while enjoying the journey toward your vision moment by moment).
Dr. Debi Silber

Beyond Betrayal: Trust Again For Better Health, Work, And Relationships

Few things hurt more than betrayal. And our sense of injustice and confusion can keep us hurting—stuck, sick, anxious, angry, and exhausted. We'll look at betrayal in all its forms, uncover its long-term effects, and explore how you can move through it once and for all.
Dr. Jeffrey Rutstein

Escape Isolation To Create Happy, Healthy, And Healing Connections With Others

We naturally seek solitude to tend to wounds. Yet this impulse deprives us of an essential ingredient to heal and thrive: support and connection. Discover how to balance the need to rest and recharge and connect deeply with others.
Gloria Rand

Creating A Life Of Authentic Meaning And Purpose (While Enjoying Your Life Now)

Habits are very difficult to shift, but that shift can happen rapidly when you decide earnestly to uncover your deepest truth and design your own life purpose. Unleash the potency of an empowered decision-making process and find the extraordinary in life.  
Sasha Crichton

Learn To Trust Yourself To Find YOUR Path To Peace And Happiness

Rebuild trust in yourself and in life, through a dedicated self healing practice, and experience a true love of life once again. Master key steps to take to start this journey with confidence and purpose and never feel lost on this path again. 
Jen Broyles

Just Breathe: A Gateway To Personal Healing & Freedom

Breathwork is one of the most powerful keys to your physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual well-being. Each breath activates the healer within you. Learn to harness it and gain power to regulate your nervous system… and unleash its potential healing and evolution. 
Dr. Wendy Myers

Detoxing Toxic Emotions And The Connection to Heavy Metals & Environmental Toxins

Many people look for physical solutions to health issues and ignore their emotional life and past trauma. Yet these are the root of most chronic disease. We’ll explore the interplay between body and mind and how detoxing emotions helps detox the body—and vice versa.
Dr. Eve Rosno

Empowered: Find (And Stay On) Your Path To Healing And Happiness

Sustainable change and growth can seem out of our grasp, but a relationship with happiness is possible. Learn how to build a consistent, committed path of learning—and find out what's even BETTER than happiness and how to find and keep it. 
Are You Ready to Discover Proven Ways to Become Free From Feelings of Brokenness, Misery, and Isolation So You Can Make Big Strides On The Road To Recovery (And Beyond)?
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Effective Online Education
We and our partners do online education for a living. Our process of creating online events resembles college-level courses delivered by world's leading expert speakers, but with more know-how about creating engaging, effective online education experiences. This event was crafted to deliver a complete learning experience on each topic.
Love Learning?  So Do We.
No Hidden Agendas
We do not allow speakers to pitch their products, courses, or services on our summit. That means you get a 100% learning-focused experience without wasting time on anything else. Your experience—and supporting your personal healing, well-being, and growth—is our #1 Priority.
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35+ Top Trauma & Personal Growth Experts
Ever wonder why some trauma survivors seem to roll on like a rolling stone while others end up feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place? Learn directly from 35+ world-class experts on inner healing and growth as they share their advice on how to empower yourself with the means to recover from your trauma and move forward. taking back ownership of your life so you can not only deeply heal—but live in line with your deepest wishes.
Designed For Your Healing & Growth
Time is a more valuable resource than money in the modern world. You can stop wasting hours researching, testing, and figuring out this healing journey on your own. Now you can learn deep healing and personal growth wisdom and strategies online directly from the experts without missing a beat at the office or at home!
Time-Saving, Expense-Free Education
This isn't a normal conference or summit. Bypass long lines waiting airport lines, skip past checking into overpriced hotel rooms and spend less time away from your family. With our time saving, expense-free education experience, you can learn effortlessly without having to travel.
High-Quality Expert Resources from Experts
There is no substitute for high quality educational resources that allow you to connect with experts through presentations that impart true knowledge, useful wisdom, and easy to understand tactics and strategies that are time-tested, proven, and focused on one thing: your personal well-being.
Discover Proven Ways to Become Free From Feelings of Brokenness, Misery, and Isolation So You Can Make Big Strides On The Road To Recovery (And Beyond!)
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Meet Your Summit Host: Sarah Brassard
Divider Text
Sarah is a teacher, author, healer, and coach who melds wisdom traditions with cutting-edge knowledge of intuition, energy, spirituality, and self-care to her audience, inviting them to open themselves to new ways of responding to life.

For the last 30 years, Sarah Brassard has been guiding women from a place of struggle in life to one of grace, peace, and ease through her signature process of sacred self-care.

As the author of "Inside: A Guide to the Resources Within to Stay Connected to Your Truth, Even in Trying Times," Brassard details the self-care practices that have sparked and sustained her own healing journey.

Sarah hosts mindfulness, meditation, and stress reduction classes at corporate and nonprofit venues, both big and small. Her work is ignited by an enthusiastic dedication to integrating body, mind, heart, and spirit, as well as an unshakeable conviction that there’s nothing in life that can’t be healed.
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