Attention: Anxiety Sufferers and Trauma Survivors… Read Every Word Below.

October 2022
Discover Proven Ways To Become Free From Emotional Misery And Feelings Of Isolation To Finally Make Big Strides On The Road To Recovery
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35+ Wellness Experts Reveal The Secrets To Overcoming Stress, Anxiety, And Trauma Related Obstacles That Have Been Keeping You Stuck In Patterns That Don't Serve You.
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...From  Our World-Class Experts In Their Sessions!

Empowered: Find (And Stay On) Your Path To Healing And Happiness

Sustainable change and growth can seem out of our grasp, but a relationship with happiness is possible. Learn how to build one—and find out what's even BETTER than happiness and how to find and keep it. 

Turn Your Sensitivities Into Superpowers (Instead Of Just Surviving Them)

Yes, your sensitivities CAN become a superpower, not a burden. We'll uncover how to transform your sensitivities from a perceived burden into the mighty and empowering force they can be, in your own life and beyond. 

Total Overwhelm: Recover From Burnout When You Have Nothing Left To Give

Find out how you can bring yourself back from the brink even if it feels impossible. You CAN meet your obligations and refill your reserves so you can stay balanced in the face of whatever life throws at you.

Charting Your Own Course: Trust Yourself Again And Stop Giving Away Your Power

Society, family, friends—full of well-meaning but misguided messages about what your truth is—undermine your self-knowledge. Learn how to unearth your full potential by cultivating the insight of the best advisor you can have your life path... YOU.

FOMO: Embrace The Moment So That Life Doesn't Pass You By

Social commitments, media, and gatherings tug at our attention and desire, yet we can only use each moment for one purpose. Discover what you truly and deeply value and create an authentic vision for your life, so you never miss a step in your dance with the now.

Stop The Self Sacrifice: How To Give More By Giving Less

Some of us feel our only value is in giving, that any self-care is selfish. Reveal the truth you already know about how to wield true power to do good in the world: improve how you feel, and how you feel about yourself, to be the force for good you want to be. 

Future-casting: Create The Life You've Always Wanted To Live

Many of us aren't living the life we want. We may not know what we want, but have the unsettling sense this isn't it. Learn to uncover your authentic desires for a life fully lived and how to create that reality (while enjoying the journey toward your vision moment by moment).

Peeling Back The Layers Of Trauma With Care: Progress Without Crisis

Unresolved trauma manifests as old wounds that we protect rather than heal through, and these scars plague our lives forever. Discover what you can do to put an end to the habits that keep you stuck in crisis. Finally resolve the emotions that limit your awareness and the opportunity to heal.

Cut Through The Noise Of Self-Help Gurus: Start Your OWN Journey To Healing

There is value in guidance from a skilled teacher on a path of healing. But you must never give your power away to someone else. This is the importance of inner study: it allows you to assimilate your self learning with that of a skilled professional and bring light to a whole new way of living.

Creating A Life Of Authentic Meaning And Purpose (While Enjoying Your Life NOW)

Habits are very difficult to shift, but that shift can happen rapidly when you decide in earnest to uncover your deepest truth and design your own life purpose. Unleash the potency of an empowered decision-making process and find the meaning and purpose you have yearned for your whole life.

True Purpose: Finding Meaning (Even If It Feels Like Nothing Really Matters)

Insight into the nature of your mind and consciousness can reveal an intrinsic meaning and purpose of your life. Uncover the value inherent in every felt and lived experience and learn to use this awareness to heal your (and others') deepest wounds.

Learn To Trust Yourself To Find YOUR Path To Peace And Happiness

Rebuild trust in yourself and in life, through a dedicated self healing practice, and experience a true love of life once again. Master key steps to take to start this journey with confidence and purpose and never feel lost on this path again. 

Simple Sleep Tricks To Quiet Your Mind And Overcome Insomnia

Most everyone has spent nights lying in bed praying for sleep. But for many, it's a nightly struggle. Learn how stress, illness, and profound sadness contribute to this disorder and reclaim your waking life by making sleep one of your most powerful healing tools. 

Processing The Past: Step Into The Present (And Finally Move Forward)

We exist and must live life in the now. Yet many of us live in a past remembered with bitterness or nostalgia. Learning to return can become one of our greatest life missions and sources of empowerment. Open the door and step over the threshold to the life of your dreams—right now.

Get Better Even If It's Hard Just To Get Out Of Bed In Morning

To lose motivation is to lose hope and reviving inspiration to take the much needed step toward health, happiness and wholeness can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Recover (or discover for the first time) your passion for life and cultivate the personal agency to design the life you want.

Gain A Sense Of Certainty So You Can Step Into The Mystery Of Transformation

We try to avoid experiences that make us feel uncertain and unsafe. Bravely learn to look into the unknown and harness the power of uncertainty to bring forth rich possibilities in your life. 

Balancing Instant Gratification With A Commitment To Do The Work Needed To Grow

Doing The Work depends on our ability to stay in the turbulent waters of life.  Explore the limitation of Instant Gratification (while enjoying more sustainable rewards) the possibilities for deeper contentment blossom.

Release Regret And Tap Into Limitless Possibilities For Your Now And Your Future

We tend to avoid or dwell with guilt on past regrets.  Harness the confidence that comes from loving who you are (and accepting all the lessons that brought you here) to take charge of your present and future.

Stop Playing Small, Get Big Results: How To Commit Wholeheartedly To Transformation

We are wired for caution when recovering from wounds or perceiving threats in our environment. When this state becomes our norm, we build the habit of playing small. Learn to identify inner limitations and get comfortable going big again (or for the first time).

Get People To Stand By You Through Thick And Thin (Even If It Feels Like They Always Leave)

Hurt people are often afraid to invest in relationships with openness and vulnerability. Identify your blockers to connection and find the building blocks for fulfilling relationships that last. 

Moving Forward After Loss: Finally Process The Pain And Reclaim Joy In Living

It's hard to face and process the fullness of deep loss and find a way forward. Discover a path of healing where we mourn in full, then chart a path back to joy in living, in the right time for us.

Get UNSTUCK And Out Of Your Rut Of Constant Cycles Of Starting & Stopping

Stuck-ness and wheel-spinning become the norm for many who've suffered trauma, neglect, and other hurts. Uncover a mindset shift and a process of tiny steps to break unproductive cycles once and for all.

No More Running: Face Challenges Head On So You Can Fully Heal And Move On

Even if it feels we're stuck, we are all moving somewhere. We must learn to stop fleeing our fears and instead move toward what we value. Discover how to push through or leap over your fears in pursuit of the life you want. 

Release Your Hypervigilance To Finally Overcome Stress, Anxiety & Overwhelm

Hypervigilance permeates the being of many trauma suffers.  We'll uncover the its signs and profound techniques to overcome this state of constant stress and anxiety.

Trapped: Release Negative Circumstances That Are Keeping You Boxed In

Sufferers of neglect, abuse, and other traumas often find themselves surrounded with traps: self-made for protection, made by others to control or hurt them. Learn how to uncover, disarm, and move past these traps to move forward with freedom and confidence.

Turn The Ship Around: Find Your Way To Wellness Even If You've Always Felt Unwell

Stressors and hurts accumulate within us until at some point, we might find ourselves on a slippery downslope of chronic fatigue and unwellness. We'll discover ways to explore the causes of our unwellness and begin to find our way back to baseline and beyond.

Rediscover Delight: Find Pleasure Again In The Things You Used To Love

Past hurts can feel impossible to shake off. We see gray, hear in monotone, and taste bitterness in what once was sweet. Together, we'll find a foothold back up to the heights of joy and enjoyment available in life once we are able to seek and see it again.

Get Out Of Your Own Way! The Cure For Self-Sabotage

Trauma can instill a self-defeating voice in us.  We'll explore how to identify this voice, remove the traps it places in our way, and disarm self-sabotage for good.

Repairing Dysfunctional Relationships When They're All You've Ever Known

Humans learn first by what we see. If all we've seen or known is dysfunction, we have no model for healthy relating, only deeply embedded patterns of unhealthy relating. We'll learn how to repair our relationships and build the foundations for thriving ones.

Escape Isolation To Create Happy, Healthy And Healing Connections With Others

We naturally seek solitude to tend to our wounds. Yet this impulse deprives us of an essential ingredient to heal and thrive: support and connection. Discover how to balance the need to rest and recharge with the need to connect deeply with others.
We've Left Nothing Out Of This Transformational Learning Experience!  
Meet Your Summit Host: Sarah Brassard
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Sarah is a teacher, author, healer, and coach who melds wisdom traditions with cutting-edge knowledge of intuition, energy, spirituality, and self-care to her audience, inviting them to open themselves to new ways of responding to life.

For the last 30 years, Sarah Brassard has been guiding women from a place of struggle in life to one of grace, peace, and ease through her signature process of sacred self-care.
As the author of "Inside: A Guide to the Resources Within to Stay Connected to Your Truth, Even in Trying Times," Brassard details the self-care practices that have sparked and sustained her own healing journey.

Sarah hosts mindfulness, meditation, and stress reduction classes at corporate and nonprofit venues, both big and small. Her work is ignited by an enthusiastic dedication to integrating body, mind, heart, and spirit, as well as an unshakeable conviction that there’s nothing in life that can’t be healed.
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Featured innovators will be discussing recovering from burnout, trusting yourself again, embracing change, self sabotage, trauma recovery, finding your purpose, crisis prevention, sleep optimization, healing relationships, achieving life balance, motivation, personal empowerment, getting unstuck, releasing hyper-vigilance, overcoming stress, anxiety, overwhelm and so much more!
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After the event promotion window has ended, we will be sending all registered attendees a special newsletter that showcases our sponsors brand, products and services. Contact info including website URL and other key data points will be included in order to facilitate easy communication and sales conversations where applicable.

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